Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy
  • Compliance with the current occupational health and safety and environmental management legislation and regulations of the country worked in
  • Recognition of continual improvement as the basic principle in all operations
  • Paying attention to the views and expectations of all interested parties including Employers, in implementation of occupational health and safety and environmental management systems
  • Attributing significance to the re-cycling of waste and thus providing the processing and evaluation of waste in source
  • Avoiding over-consumption of energy and natural resources
  • Developing and submission to Employers the projects with optimum use of natural resources and minimum adverse impacts to the environment during execution and commissioning
  • Prevention of hazardous event which can lead to accidents and elimination of the existing hazardous surroundings
  • Be prepared for emergency situations
  • Ensuring the subcontractor's observance of legislation and the procedures and principles of MTEKNİK MÜHENDİSLİK HSE program